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18 Declaring

goal-keeper, throw and player

18. DECLARING FouLs.—The referee shall de clare a foul by blowing a whistle and exhibiting the color of the side to which the free throw is awarded. The player nearest to where the foul occurred shall take the throw. The other players shall remain in their respective positions from the blowing of the whistle until the ball has left the hand of the player taking the throw. In the event of one or more players from each team com mitting a foul so nearly at the same moment as to make it impossible for the referee to distin guish who offended first, he shall have the ball out of the water and throw it in as nearly as pos sible at the place where the fouls occurred, in such a manner that one member of each team may have equal chance of playing the ball. In such cases the ball must be allowed to touch the water before it is handled, and must be handled (i. e., played with the hand below the wrist) by more than one player before a goal can be scored.

19. GOAL-KEEPER.--The goal-keeper may stand to defend his goal, and must not throw the ball beyond half-distance; the penalty for doing so shall be a free throw to the opposing side from half-distance at either side of the field of play.

The goal-keeper must wear a red cap. He must keep within four yards of his own goal or con cede a free throw from the four-yard line to his nearest opponent. The goal-keeper is exempt from clauses (a), (c) and (f) in rule 14, but he may be treated as any other player when in pos session of the ball. Except when injury or illness compels him to leave the water (when Rule 23 shall apply), the goal-keeper can only be changed at half-time.

Note. In the event of a goal-keeper being ord ered out of the game, his side cannot appoint an other goal-keeper except at half-time, as defined in Rule 19, and any player defending the goal in his place shall be considered an ordinary player and not come under the special limitations and exceptions attached to a goal-keeper.