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4 Field of

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4. FIELD OF PLAY.—The distance between the goals shall not exceed thirty yards, nor be less than nineteen yards ; the width shall not be more than twenty yards, and shall be of even width throughout the field of play. The goal-posts shall be fixed at least one foot from the end of the bath, or any obstruction. In baths the halfway lines and also the four yards penalty lines shall be marked on both sides.

5. DEPTH.—The water shall not be shallower than three feet.

6. TIME.—The duration of the match shall be fourteen minutes, seven minutes each way. Three minutes to be allowed at half-time for change of ends. When a goal has been scored, the time from the scoring of the goal to the re-starting of the game, or time occupied by disputes or fouls, shall not be reckoned as in the time of play.

7. OFFICIALS.—The officials shall consist of a referee, a timekeeper, and two goal-scorers.

8. REFEREE.—The referees' duty shall be to start the game, stop all unfair play, decide all cases of dispute, declare fouls, goals, half-time, and time, and see that these rules are properly carried out. He shall decide upon all goals, whether signified or not. The referee's decision is final.

Note.—A referee may alter his decision, pro vided such alteration be notified before the ball is again in play. A referee has power to stop play at any period of the game if in his opinion the behaviour of the players or spectators or other exceptional circumstances prevents the match from coming to a proper conclusion.

9. GOAL-SCORERS.—The goal-scorers shall stand at the side near each goal, and when they consider that the ball has passed through the goal, at their respective ends only, they shall signify the same to the referee by means of a red flag. They shall

not change ends, and shall keep the score of goals of each team at their respective ends.

10. TEAMS.—Each side shall consist of seven players, who shall wear blue and white caps re spectively, and drawers, or costumes with drawers underneath the costume. In baths no grease, oil or other objectionable substance shall be rubbed on the body.

11. CAPTAINS.—The captains shall be playing members of the team they represent; they shall agree upon all preliminaries, and shall toss for choice of ends. If they are unable to agree upon any point, the referee shall decide for them.

12. STARTING.—The players shall enter the water and place themselves in a line with their respective goals. The referee shall stand in a line with the centre of the course, and, having ascer tained that the captains are ready, shall give, the word "Go," and immediately throw the ball into the water at the centre. A goal shall not be scored after starting or re-starting until the ball has been handled (viz., played with the hand be low the wrist) by an opposing player or by a player on the same side, who shall be within half the distance of the goal attacked. The ball must be handled (viz., played with the hand below the wrist) by more than one player before a goal can be scored.