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Club Competitions

yards, swim and certificate


Competitions should should be held each week, as it trains the members into the art of getting a good start. A great deal depends upon this in short distance racing. Marks should be given each practice evening, which should be totalled up at the end of the season, and the one gaining the most marks has the honor of having his name inscribed on the Club's Cup, a small silver medal, suitably engraved, going with it. In large clubs it is advisable to give out six to the first six gain ing the highest average. There should be no lack of competition events, which should be the am bition of every member to excel in. In some of the clubs the writer was a member of, test certifi cates were issued to those completing certain tests in a specified time. The one I generally get a club to accept is as follows: The certificate is designed to represent a trophy being held' out by two figures representing swimmers in their costumes, the same being suitably printed in colors and well mounted. The following was the

seniors' first-class test certificate : Each candidate must swim at the same attempt, 500 yards, as follows : 1st. Dive from a platform or diving-board at deep end and swim 20 yards under water.

2nd. Swim 130 yards breast stroke.

3rd. Swim 100 yards over-arm stroke.

4th. Swim 100 yards trudgen stroke.

5th. Swim 150 yards on back.

6th. After completing the distance required, the candidate must, before leaving the water, dive for an object at the end, float without using the arms or legs for one minute, and tread water for one minute.

The time limit to secure the certificate is four teen minutes.

The time should be duly vouched for by the President, Captain, Secretary, or duly appointed official of the club. It is a fairly good all-round test. The time may be lessened if the club mem bers are above the average. The entrance fee for the certificate should be nominal, say twenty-five or fifty cents at the most.