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Open Sea and Lake Swimming Bath

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The average swimmer from our large cities has few opportunities of trying his strength and powers in deep sea swimming, for it is obvious that this is quite a different class of swimming to smooth water or bath swimming. Some idea of altered conditions to be met with can and should be gained before going away on summer holidays, when sea bathing is at its height. This can readily be obtained if two or three fellow-swimmers take hold of the rail at the shallow end of the bath and work the body backwards and forwards until the water has the appearance of a number of small waves. Regular practice under these conditions will give a very fair idea, on a small scale, of what sea swimming is like. Apart from this, it gives a feeling of confidence, and prepares the swimmer for a ground swell, or a back-wash from a passing steamer. The main benefit defived from exercise under the foregoing method is that it teaches to breathe correctly under trying conditions and will be an enormous advantage when an emergency arises at sea. The writer has seen very good swimmers' completely exhausted in a few minutes in swimming several lengths of an ordinary bath under the conditions alluded to. Too much im

portance cannot be attached to this question and those leading up to it. In the light of recent events, no doubt more attention will be paid to these seemingly small details of the art than has been the case hitherto. It may not be out of place to allude to one or two facts relative to sea swim ming. Firstly, the swimmer should never overtax his strength when he has to regain the shore against an out-going tide. Secondly, it is impera tive to know in which direction the tides flow in coming in and going out, i. e., down the coast or up the coast. Thirdly, prolonged swimming after very fatiguing exercise or when the body is ex hausted should never be indulged in, and can only be appreciated when two or more swimmers have full confidence in each other's ability, go ing a long distance out, and even then it is a wise plan to have a boat in attendance.