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The Olympic Games 1908 the

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THE swimming section of the great games at the Stadium were arranged by Mr. Harry Benjamin, the A.S.A. representative on the British Olympic Council, who had been hard at work for two years previously; Mr. William Henry, director of the Stadium; Mr. G. W. Hearn, the President of the A.S.A. ; and Mr. J. C. Hurd, the Hon. Secretary. Fine weather allowed of the good sport being seen to advantage. The only drawback lay in the fact that the pond, which was exactly 100 metres (109.3 yards) long, was some distance from the on lookers.

The A. S. A. are to be congratulated upon the highly efficient management. The judging and timekeeping were excellent. Every visiting na tion went away satisfied, whilst only once through out the fortnight did the officials have to consider an objection—from an American diver.

The United Kingdom had every reason to be satisfied with the results, for of the nine events decided five were won. As was expected, both div

ing competitions were lost; but the U. K. easily won the water-polo and four of the six swimming contests. The hero of the meeting was Harry Taylor, who took back to Chadderton with him three gold Olympic medals, thus equalling the per formance of Sheppard, the American runner. Taylor has never been seen to greater advantage, or swam in finer form than ever previously during his career. His 5 min. 36 4/5 sec. in the 400 Metre Race was a splendid performance, and was at the time as good as English record for the Quarter mile; but he had to do even better than that to win the 1500 Metres. This he took in the wonder ful time of 22 min. 48 1/5 sec., which is a new Olympic record.