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ABILENE, a city of Kansas, U.S.A., on the Smoky Hill river, about 95m. W. of Topeka; the county seat of Dickinson county. It is on Federal highway 405, and is served by the Union Pacific, the Rock Island and the Santa Fe railways. The population was 3,507 in 1900, and 5,658 in 1930 Federal census. In the '6os Abilene, at the end of the trail from the south-west, was one of the important centres for shipping cattle. It has a large trade in cattle, grain and poultry, and is headquarters of the public utility companies serving central and western Kansas. Its creamery has an annual output valued at $2,000,000. Flour-mills and bottling works for medicinal mineral water are also important. It is a pleasant residential city, with well-designed public buildings. Abilene was settled about 186o, incorporated in 1869; and adopted the commission form of government in 1911.