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ABOR (A-bari- untamed), an Assam tribe inhabiting hills north of the Brahmaputra, subdivided into Minyong, Galong, Padam and other groups. They fall into patrilineal exogamous septs with traces of dual organization. A cross division exists into Mishing and Mipak—"pure" and "impure," the latter condition being hereditary, and contagious as a result of sexual intercourse, though exogamy is not affected by it. The dead are buried; monogamy prevails, but the Galongs practise the levirate and poly andry within the family circle; slavery, tattooing and segregation of the unmarried obtain, but there is no head-hunting. Public affairs are managed by elders and offenders are fined by the random con fiscation of property ; the property owner must execute the order of the court in order to recover from the culprit in his turn. Weapons used include long swords, crossbows, bows, poisoned arrows and spears. Men wear bark loincloths with tails, women a string of small circular metal plates, often the only garment.

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