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ABORIGINES, a mythical people of central Italy, supposed to have descended from near Reate (an ancient Sabine town) upon Latium, whence they expelled the Siceli and settled down as Latini under a King Latinus (Dion Halic. i. 9. 6o). The etymology of the name (ab origine), makes them the original inhabitants ( ain-6x0oPes) of the country, but is inconsistent with the fact that the oldest authorities (e.g., Cato in his Origines) re garded them as Hellenic immigrants, not as a native Italian people. Other explanations suggested are arborigines, "tree-born," and aberrigines, "nomads." The term "Aborigines" indicates the inhabitants found in a country at its first discovery. The Aborigines' Protection Society was founded in 1838 in England as the result of a royal com mission appointed at the instance of Sir T. Fowell Buxton to en quire into the treatment of the indigenous populations of the various British colonies.