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Abraham a Sancta Clara


ABRAHAM A SANCTA CLARA (1644-1709), Austrian divine, was born at Kreenheinstetten, near Messkirch. His real name was Ulrich Megerle. In 1662 he joined the order of Bare footed Augustinians, became a popular preacher, and assumed the name by which he is known. In this order he rose step by step until he became prior provincialis and definitor of his province. He died at Vienna on Dec. 1, 1709. In his published writings he displayed the same force and homeliness as in the pulpit.


works have been several times reproduced in Bibliography.--His works have been several times reproduced in whole or in part, though with many spurious interpolations. The best edition is that published in 21 vols. at Passau and Lindau (1835-54). See Th. G. von Karajan, Abraham a Sancta Clara (Vienna, 1867) ; H. Mareta, Uber Judas d. Erzschelm (Vienna, 1875) ; Schnell, Pater A. a S.C. (Munich, ; Sexto, Abraham a S.C. (Sigmaringen, 1896) ; Blanckenburg, Studien fiber die Sprache Abrahams a S.C. (Halle, 1897).