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ABROGATION, the annul ling or repealing of a law by leg islative action or by usage. Abro gation, which is the total annul ling of a law, is to be distin guished from the term deroga tion, which is used where a law is only partially abrogated. Abro gation may be either express or implied. It is express either when the new law pronounces the annulment in general terms, as when in a concluding section it announces that all laws contrary to the provisions of the new one are repealed, or when in particular terms it announces specifically the preceding laws which it repeals. It is implied when the new law contains provisions which are positively contrary to the for mer laws without expressly abrogating those laws. The abrogation of any statute revives the provisions of the common law which may have been abrogated by that statute. (See STATUTE; REPEAL.)