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Abu Hamed


ABU HAMED, a town of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan on the right bank of the Nile, 345m. by rail north of Khartum, and near the head of the fourth cataract. It stands at the centre of the great S-shaped bend of the Nile, and from it the railway to Wadi Halfa strikes straight across the Nubian desert, a little west of the old caravan route to Korosko. A branch railway, 138m. long from Abu Hamed, goes down the right bank of the Nile to Kareima in the Dongola mudiria. The town is named after a celebrated sheikh buried here, by whose tomb travellers crossing the desert used formerly to deposit all superfluous goods, the sanctity of the saint's tomb ensuring their safety. During the advance on Khar tum in 1897, a sharp action was fought here, the troops under Gen. Hunter routing the Dervishes (Aug. 7, 1897).