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ABU-L-QASIM [Khalaf ibn 'Abbas uz-Zahrawi], Arabian physician and surgeon, generally known in Europe as ABULCASIS, flourished in the tenth century at Cordova as physician to the caliph eAbdur-Rahman III. A part of his compendium of medicine was published in Latin as Liber theoricae nec non practicae Alsaharavii (Augsburg, 1519 ) . His manual of surgery was published at Venice in 1497, at Basle in 1541, and at Oxford Abulcasis de Chirurgia arabice et latine cura Johannis Channing (2 vols. 1778) .

For his other works see Carl Brockelmann, Geschichte der arabischen Literatur (Weimar, 1898), vol. i. pp. 239-240.