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Abu L Wafa or Albuzdschani


ABU 'L WAFA or ALBUZDSCHANI Arab astronomer and mathematician, was born at Buzdschan in Khur asan, and was one of the most learned men of his day. A passage in his Almagest is held by some to indicate that he had noted in equalities in the moon's motion, later described as variation. He translated and commented on the works of the Greek mathema ticians, and made an exhaustive commentary on Diophantus; un fortunately these writings are lost. The existing book in 12 chap ters of geometrical constructions in a Persian translation is not his, but appears to be derived from an account of his lectures drawn up by one of his pupils. Abu '1 Wafa introduced the tri gonometrical functions and constructed tables of tangents and co-tangents.

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