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Abul Fazl


ABUL FAZL (ab-v1 fahzl) (1551-1602), vizier and histori ographer of the Mogul emperor, Akbar, wrote the Akbar Nameh or "Book of Akbar" in Persian. It consists of two parts, and is a history of Akbar's reign and the Ain-i-Akbari, or "Institutes" of Akbar, giving an account of the constitution, religion and adminis tration of the empire. Akbar was murdered at the instigation of Prince Selim, afterwards Jahangir, who was jealous of the vizier's influence.

A translation of the Ain-i-Akbari (Calcutta, 1783-86), by Francis Gladwin, is now exceedingly rare. There is a modern translation (Calcutta, 1873, 1891, 1894) : vol. i. by H. Blockmann, vols. ii. and iii. by H. S. Jarrett.