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AGADE, the capital city of "Sargon of Agade." The city is probably identical with Tal-ed-Deir, excavated by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge in 1891. The inscriptions suggest that it was near Sippar, and Langdon identifies it with Sippar-Yakhuru, admitting, how ever, that the identification is uncertain. At ed-Deir there is a massive city wall forming two sides of a triangle ; the third side was formed either by the Euphrates or by a canal. The main gate was at the western apex of the triangle. The city appears to have been constructed all at once, primarily as a fortress. Sargon, who is said to have been a gardener of Semitic origin at Kish, over threw the Sumerian power of Kish and for some unknown reason changed his capital to Agade.


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