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AGAMEDES (ag-a-ma-das), in Greek legend, king of Orcho menus in Boeotia. He and his step-brother Trophonius were skilled architects and constructors of underground shrines and treasure-houses. When building a treasure-house for the Boeo tian king, Hyrieus, the brothers fixed one of the stones in the wall in such a manner that they could remove it whenever they pleased and help themselves to the treasure. Hyrieus set a trap in which Agamedes was caught ; Trophonius to prevent dis covery cut off his brother's head and fled with it. He was pur sued by Hyrieus, and swallowed up by the earth in the grove of Lebadeia. On this spot was the oracle of Trophonius in an under ground cave; those who wished to consult it, first offered a ram and called upon the name of Agamedes. A similar story is told of the treasure of Rhampsinitus by Herodotus (ii. 121) . The brothers built the temple of Apollo at Delphi. When they asked for a reward, the god promised them one in seven days; on the seventh day they died.