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Agatharchides or Agatharchus


AGATHARCHIDES or AGATHARCHUS, of Cnidus, Greek historian and geographer, lived in the time of -Ptolemy Philometor (181-146 B.c.) and his successors. Amongst other works, he wrote treatises on Asia, Europe and the Red Sea. Inter esting extracts from the last, of some length, are preserved in Photius (cod. 213).

BIBLIOGRAPHY.-See H. Leopoldi, De Agatharchide Cnidio DisserBibliography.-See H. Leopoldi, De Agatharchide Cnidio Disser- tatio (1892) ; C. W. Miiller, Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum, and Geographi Graeci Minores, i.; E. H. Bunbury, Hist. of Ancient Geography, ii. (1879).