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Aloung Phoura Alompra


ALOMPRA, ALOUNG P'HOURA founder of the last Burmese dynasty, was chief of the village of Mashobo; near Ava. Burma was at that time under the rule of Pegu. Alompra raised a small force of men, seized Ava in 1753, and gradually ousted the Peguans and made himself master of the country. For the wars which followed, in which Alompra in vaded and subdued Pegu, see BURMA. He was undertaking the subjugation of Siam when he was taken ill, and died on May 15 176o. Alompra had undoubted military genius and a measure of political sagacity, and he sought to improve the administration of justice. His cruelty and deceitfulness were faults common to the oriental potentates of his time.