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Alqama Ibn Abada


ALQAMA IBN ABADA, generally known as 'ALQAMA AL-FAHL, an Arabian poet of the tribe Tamim, who flourished in the second half of the 6th century. His diwan consists of three qasidas (elegies) and II fragments. Asma` i considered three of the poems genuine.

The poems were edited by A. Socin with Latin translation as Die Gedichte des Alkama Al f ahl (Leipzig, 1867) , and are contained in W. Ahlwardt's The Diwans of the six ancient Arabic Poets (187o) ; cf. W. Ahlwardt's Bemerkungen fiber die Aechtheit der alten arabischen Gedichte (Greifswald, 2872), pp. 65-71 and 146-168.