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Altichiero Da Zevio


ALTICHIERO DA ZEVIO (c. 1385), Italian painter, of the Veronese school, born at Zevio, a village near Verona. His standard work is the fresco decoration of the San Felice chapel in the church of Sant' Antonio at Padua, represent ing the "Crucifixion" and "Scenes from the Legend of St. James," painted about 1380. The frescoes in the adjacent Capella San Giorgio are not on the same high level and were probably mainly executed by his pupil Jacopo d'Aranzo. The only extant works of Altichiero in Verona are the fresco in the church of Sant' Anas tasia representing the "Knights of the Cavalli family kneeling before the Virgin," and another, representing the Crucifixion, in the church of San Zeno. Altichiero was the head of the Veronese School of the Trecento, whose art represented the ideal of a chivalrous aristocracy and embodied the romantic and heroic aspect of the middle ages. In his paintings the pictorial point of view predominates. They are essentially the work of a colourist. Architecture and figures are conceived together ; scenes are enacted in roomy interiors. There is, moreover, a certain tendency to de pict incidentals, which contrasts with Giotto's concentrated and expressive style, where the figures stand out plastically and every thing is subordinated to the main theme. Altichiero's style was not influenced by Giotto.

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