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ALTOONA, city of Blair county, Pa., U.S.A., on the Pennsyl vania railroad, 114 m. E. by N. of Pittsburgh. It lies in the upper • end of Logan valley, 1,18of t. above sea-level, in the "central Pennsylvania" bituminous coal-field, and commands views of some of the most picturesque mountain scenery in the State. The famous Horseshoe curve is 4 m. to the west. The population was in 1920, of whom 5,312 were foreign-born whites, and was 82,054 in 1930.

Altoona was created by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which in 1849 bought farm lands here and laid out a town, to be the base of operations while it was constructing the pioneer rail way across the Alleghenies. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company is still the chief factor in the city's economic life. Its repair shops, foundries and works for the construction of cars and locomotives employ several thousand men. The output of the city's factories in 1927 was valued at The assessed valuation of property in 1927 was Altoona was incorporated as a borough in 1858 and chartered as a city in 1868. In 1862 the "loyal war governors" of the northern States met here, in the Logan house, to renew their pledge of support to Lincoln.

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