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Altringham or Altringham


ALTRINGHAM or ALTRINGHAM, urban district, Cheshire, England, 8m. from Manchester, on the L.M.S. and Cheshire Lines Railways. Population (1911) 17,813, (193 1) 21,356. The town of Altrincham (Altringham) was originally included in the barony of Dunham Massey. Hamon de Massey granted a char ter to his burgesses, establishing the Court Leet, on receiving a concession of a market and an annual fair from Edward I. in 129o. Edward II. substituted a fair held on the eve, feast and morrow of St. James's day yearly. This fair continued to be held until re cently under the name of "Sanjam" fair. It is believed to have been the practice since the charter was granted for the Court Leet to elect a mayor annually; and this is still done by a jury of the Leet of the borough, which consists of burgesses only. The Court Leet was formerly all-powerful in regulating the affairs of the town ; and various officials were appointed (e.g., constables, bailiffs, market lookers, scavengers, swine lookers and bellman) by the court to assist the mayor. All these officers performed their duties until the formation of a local board of health ; and they are still elected at the autumnal meeting of the Leet, though their duties are purely nominal. Altrincham is now governed by an Urban District Council. Market gardening is carried on, fruit and flowers being grown for sale in Manchester. During the last 25 years, owing to good rail and canal facilities, a large number of works, mostly of an engineering nature, have been built on the north side of Altrincham. The old trades of cotton and worsted are no longer carried on, and although there is still some cabinet-making it is not so important as formerly.

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