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INE, West Saxon king, of the line of Ceawlin, succeeded Cead walla in 688. In the earlier part of his reign he was at war with Kent, but peace was made in 694, when the men of Kent gave compensation for the death of Mul, brother of Ceadwalla, whom they had burned in 687. In 71 o Ine fought in alliance with his kinsman Nun against Gerent of West Wales and was victorious, and in 715 he repulsed an attempted invasion by Ceolred, king of Mercia. In 721 Ine slew the rebel Cynewulf, and in 722 his queen Aethelburg destroyed Taunton, which was held by Ead briht, another rebel. In 725 Ine fought with the South Saxons, who had previously been subject to him, and slew their leader Aldbryht. In 726 he resigned the crown and went to Rome where he died shortly afterwards, being succeeded by Aethelheard in Wessex. Ine is said to have built the minster at Glastonbury. He issued a written code of laws for Wessex, which is still preserved. See B. Thorpe, Antient Laws, i., 2-25 (184o) ; R. Schmid, Gesetze der Angelsachsen (1832, 2nd ed. 1858) ; Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, ed. J. Earle (1865) ; C. Plummer (1865) ; Bede, Hist. Eccl. ed. C. Plummer, iv., 15, v. 7 (1896) ; F. Liebermann, Gesetze der Angelsachsen (1898) .

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