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Kasimir Badeni


BADENI, KASIMIR, COUNT (1846-1909) Austrian states man, was born Oct. 14, 1846, at Surochow in Galicia. He entered the civil service from which he resigned in 1886, but two years later was appointed governor (Statthalter) of Galicia. In Sept. 1895 he was appointed Austrian prime minister and his attitude was at first satisfactory to the German-Austrians. In 1897, how ever, in order to gain the support of the Czechs for the new Ausgleich with Hungary, he made certain important concessions in respect of the use of the Czech language in Bohemia. This was done by ordinance, without parliamentary sanction, and met with violent opposition from the German deputies, some of whom were imprisoned. This led to Badeni's downfall on Nov. 28, 1897. He died at Radziechow, near Lemberg, July 9, 1909.