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CALYDON, an ancient town of Aetolia, according to Pliny, 71 Roman m. from the sea, on the river Euenus. It was said to have been founded by Calydon, son of Aetolus ; to have been the scene of the hunting, by Meleager and other heroes, of the famous Calydonian boar ; the Calydonians are said to have taken part in the Trojan war. In 391 B.C. it was in the possession of the Achaeans. After the battle of Leuctra (371 B.e.) it was restored by Epameinondas to the Aetolians. Augustus removed its inhab itants to Nicopolis, founded to commemorate his victory at Actium (31 B.c. ). The walls of Calydon, now the Kastro of Kurtaga on the Euenus, have a circuit of over 2 m., with one large gate and five smaller ones. Large terraces outside the walls prob ably indicate the temple of Artemis Laphria, whose gold and ivory statue was transferred to Patras.

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