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CAMARINA, an ancient city of Sicily, situated on the S. coast, about 17m. S.E. of Gela (Terranova). It was founded by Syracuse in 598 B.c., but defeated by the mother city in 553 in an attempt to assert its independence. Hippocrates of Gela received its territory from Syracuse and restored the town in but it was destroyed by Gelon in 484 and its population transferred to Syracuse ; the Geloans, however, founded it anew in 461. It was abandoned by Dionysius's order in 405, restored by Timoleon in 339 but in 258 was destroyed by the Romans. To the north lay the marsh, formed by the river Hypparis to which the answer of the Delphic oracle referred, µA Kiva Kaµaptvav, when the citizens enquired as to the advisability of draining it.

On the site of the ancient city nothing is visible but a small part of the temple of Athena and a few foundations of houses; remains of the harbour and portions of the city wall have been traced by excavation, and the cemeteries have been carefully explored and have yielded important objects. See B. Pace, Cama rina (Catania, Tirelli,