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Mexican Calendar


MEXICAN CALENDAR The Aztec system is the same as the Maya, but the names and glyphs are different. The day names are :— Falls in month on the days Cipactli Miquiztli Ozomatli Cozcaquauhtli 4 9 14 19 Ehecatl Mazatl Mallinalli 011in 5 io 15 20 Calli Tochtli Acatl Tecpatl I 6 II 16 Cuetzpalin Atl Ocelotl Quiauitl 2 7 I2 17 Coati Itzcuintli Quauhtli Xochitl 3 8 13 18 The names of the months are : Aticaualco, Tlacaxipeualiztli, Tozortontli, Uei Tozortli, Toxcatl, Etzalquaiiztli, Tecuiluitontli, Uei Tecuiiuitl, Tlaxochimaco, Xocouetzi, Ochpaniztii, Teotleco, Tepeiluiti, Quecholli, Panquetzaliztli, Atemortli, Tititl, Izcalli and the supplementary days Nemontemi. The month-days seem to have been reckoned from 1 to 20. The monthly festivals regularly fell on the last month-day. In citing a date the practice was dif ferent from the Maya. The year-bearer was given and the day number and day name. Thus "year 3 Calli, day 1 Coatl." The month-day and the month were not given, and as there are 26o days in the Tonalamatl and 365 in the year, in certain cases a day name with its number may occur twice in the same year, thus causing an ambiguity. Of ten the year-bearer alone is given. When the Aztec had occasion to count a length of time they counted by years of 365 days, having none of the time periods of the Maya. The calendars of several other races of Mexico seem to have been similar with different names, but information is scanty regarding them. In all scientific knowledge the Aztec were much inferior to the Maya.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. See CHRONOLOGY. (R. C. E. L.)Bibliography. See CHRONOLOGY. (R. C. E. L.)

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