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CHERIBON (Tjerebon), a residency of the island of Java, Dutch East Indies, bounded south by East Preanger and Ban yumas residencies, north-west and west by Indramayu residency, north by the Java Sea, and east by the residency of Pekalongan: it is included in the government of West Java. Pop. (1930) 1, '15, 753, including 2,712 Europeans and Eurasians, and 24,909 foreign Asiatics, Chinese included. Although some Javanese live in the north, Cheribon is Sundanese country, its eastern boundary divides the Sundanese from the Javanese territory of Central Java. Cheribon has been for many centuries the centre of Mohamme danism in West Java, for it is here that the Mohammedan power was strongly established as early as 1526, under Gunung Jati and much of the opposition to Dutch rule at a later date came from this district. The native population is now, on the whole, orderly and prosperous. The northern half of the residency is flat and marshy in places, while the southern half is mountainous. In the south stands the huge volcano Cherimaj, clad with virgin forest and plantations, and surrounded at its foot by rice fields. Sulphur and salt springs occur on the slopes of Cherimaj, and near Pali manan there is a cavernous hole called Guwagalang (or Payaga lang), which exhales carbonic acid gas, and which is considered holy by the natives, and is guarded by priests. The principal products of cultivation are tea, rice, essential oils, sugar, cinchona, cassava and ground nuts and pulses, the tea and other plantations for the most part being owned by Europeans. The chief towns are Cheribon (pop. 51,732 with 1,569 Europeans and Eurasians and 8,094 Chinese), a seaport and the capital, Palimanan, Chiledug and Kuningan. Cheribon has a good open roadstead, and quay and warehouse-accommodation for the lighters into which cargo is dis charged. The town is very old and irregularly built, and its climate is not healthy; nevertheless it has a large export trade in sugar, and is a regular port of call. Cheribon was the residence of the power ful sultans of Tjerebon, and their descendants live there still, on pension, the head of the house being styled the Sultan Sepoeh. Kuningan, famous for a breed of horses, is a hill resort (2,200 ft.) much resorted to by Europeans. Imports and exports respectively, in 1927, were, for Cheribon, 4 2,13 5,609 and 22,178,534 guilders.

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