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Edward Dannreuther


DANNREUTHER, EDWARD (1844—I 905) , German pianist, teacher and writer on music, was born at Strasbourg on Nov. 4,1844, and was brought up in the United States. He stud ied music (1859-63) at Leipzig under Moscheles, Hauptmann and Richter, and settled in London in 1863. There he rendered great service to the English musical world in a variety of ways— by his own interpretations of the great German classics, by his musical writings in general, and by his propagandist labours on behalf of Richard Wagner in particular. He was professor of the pianoforte at the Royal College of Music from 1895. Dann reuther's principal works,are : Musical Ornamentation (1893-95), the standard English work on the subject, and vol. vi. ("The Romantic Period") of the Oxford History of Music.