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Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach


FISCHER VON ERLACH, JOHANN BERNHARD (1656-1723), Austrian architect, was born at Graz on July 20, 1656, and died in Vienna on April 5, 1723. He probably began his artistic career as a sculptor. Then, during a period of study in Rome, he turned to architecture, and after his return to Austria in 1683, rose to be one of the most distinguished representatives of the Austrian Baroque. His early work is chiefly connected with Salzburg, where he designed various churches. About 170o he began his work on the palace and gardens of Schonbrunn the imperial residence. Other notable works are the royal library, the palace of Prince Eugene, and the church of San Carlo Bor romeo in Vienna. He wrote a history of architecture, illustrated with his own engravings, which is one of the first works on this subject. (English ed., A Plan of Civil and Historical Architec ture, 1730.) His son Josef Emanuel (1693-1742) was also an architect.

See Albert Ilg, Die Fischer von Erlach (1895) .