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Johann Christian Fabricius


FABRICIUS, JOHANN CHRISTIAN Danish entomologist and economist, was born at Tondern on Jan. 7, He studied at Altona and Copenhagen and at Uppsala under Linnaeus. In 1769, he lectured on political economy and in 1775 was appointed professor of natural history, economy and finance at Kiel. He died on March 3, 1808. It is as an entomo logist that his memory survives, and for many years his great scientific reputation rested upon the system of classification which he founded upon the structure of the mouth-organs instead of the wings.

A list of his entomological publications in Hagen's Bibliotheca Entomologiae; the following are the chief: Systema Entomologiae (1775) ; Genera Insectorum (1776) ; Philosophia Entomologica (1778) ; Species insectorum (1781) ; Entomologia Systematica (1792-1794), with a supplement (1798) ; Systema Eleutheratorum (18o1) . In the Transactions of the Entomological Society of London (1845) , 4, his autobiography is translated from the Danish.