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Johann Daniel Falk


FALK, JOHANN DANIEL (1768-1826), German author and philanthropist, was born at Danzig on Oct. 28, 17 68. In 1813 he established a philanthropic society (Gesellscha f t der Freunde in der Not), one of the earliest of its kind, and about the same time founded an institute for the care and education of neglected and orphan children, which, in 1829, was taken over by the State and still exists as the Falksches Institut. Falk lived at Weimar, and enjoyed the acquaintance and intimate friend ship of Goethe ; his account of their intercourse was posthu mously published under the title Goethe aus naherein personlichen Umgange dargestellt (183 2) (English translation by S. Austin) . Falk died on Feb. 14, 1826.


Satirische Werke appeared in 7 vols. (1817 and 1826) ; his Auserlesene Schriften (3 vols., 18i9). See Johannes Falk: Erinnerungs blatter aus Briefen and Tagebuchern edited by his dauzhter, (1868) ; Heinzelmann, Johannes Falk and die Gesellschaf t der Freunde in der Not (1879) ; S. Schultze, Falk and Goethe (igoo) .