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Knight Service Hide


KNIGHT SERVICE ; HIDE, and for a general sketch see t. ii. of the His toire gezerale of Lavisse and Rambaud. Other general works are P. Roth, Feudalitat and Unterthanverband (Weimar, 1863) ; and Ge schichte des Beneficialwesens (185o) ; Sir H. S. Maine, Village Com munities in the East and West (1876) ; and Leon Gautier, La Cheva lerie (5884; Eng. trans. by H. Frith, 1891) ; J. T. Abdy, Feudalism (189o) ; E. de Laveleye, De la propriete et ses formes primitives (1891) ; The Origin of Property in Land, a translation by M. Ashley from the works of N. D. Fustel de Coulanges (see below) with an introductory chapter by Professor W. J. Ashley ; M. M. Kovalevsky, Okonoinische Entwickelung Europas (1902) ; G. Seeliger, Die soziale u. politische Bedeutung d. Grundherrschaft im f riiheren Mittelalter (1903).

For feudalism in England see the various constitutional histories, especially W. Stubbs, Constitutional History of England, vol. i. (ed. 1897) ; J. H. Round, Feudal England (1895), Geoffrey de Mandeville (1892), and Studies on the Red Book of the Exchequer (1898) ; F. W. Maitland, Domesday Book and Beyond (1897) and History of English Law before the time of Edward I. (1895) • P. Vinogradoff, Villainage in England (1892) and English Society in the 11th century (19o8). See also J. F. Baldwin, The Scutage and Knight Service in England (Chi cago, 1897) ; R. Gneist, Adel and Ritterschaft in England (1853) ; and F. Seebohm, The English Village Community (1883).

For feudalism in France see N. D. Fustel de Coulanges, Histoire des institutions politiques de l'ancienne France (Les Origines du systeme feodal, 189o; Les Transformations de la royaute pendant l'epoque carolingienne, 1892) ; A. Luchaire, Histoire des institutions monar chiques de la France sous les premiers Capetiens, 987-1180 (2nd ed., I 89o) ; and Manuel des institutions francaises: periode des Capetiens directs (1892) ; J. Flach, Les Origines de l'ancienne France (1886-93) ; Paul Viollet, Droit public: Histoires des institutions politiques et admin istratives de la France (189o-1903) ; and Henri See, Les classes rurales et le regime domanial 0900.

For Germany see G. Waitz, Deutsche Verfassungsgeschichte (Kiel and Berlin, 1844 foil.) ; H. Brunner, Grundziige der deutschen Rechts geschichte (Leipzig, 1901) ; V. Menzel, Die Entstehung des Lebens wesens (189o) ; and G. L. von Maurer's works on the early institutions of the Germans.

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