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Ltd Fine Cotton Spinners and Doublers Association


FINE COTTON SPINNERS' AND DOUBLERS' ASSOCIATION, LTD. This British combination of com panies and firms engaged in spinning the fine Sea Island and Egyptian cottons, and in doubling yarns made from those and other staples of cotton was formed in 1898 with a capital of 6,000,000, which had grown in 1928, to a capital of i i,ioo,000. In addition to cotton spinning and weaving, the Association has large interests in cotton plantations and coal-mines, and in bleach ing, dyeing and rope-making works.

The businesses amalgamated in 1898 were 31 in number, and further affiliations had by 1928 brought over 5o businesses within its scope, owning 3,279,000 spinning spindles and 989,50o doubling spindles. The number of workpeople employed is about 27,000. The Association has become the chief factor in the markets of the world for fine-spun yarns, especially those which are known as combed qualities ; in 1928 its average yearly output was returned at about 75,000,000 lb. of yarn, which was exported to all parts of the world.

It has been the principle of the Association from the start to preserve the identity of the old established firms whose interests it amalgamated ; they trade under their old names, use their old marks and maintain their individual reputations. (L. C. M.)

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