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Marie Emile Fayolle


FAYOLLE, MARIE EMILE (1852-1928), French soldier, entered the Polytechnique in 1873, joined the i6th regiment of artillery in 1875, entered, in 1889, the Ecole de Guerre, where he was professor (of the artillery course), 1897-1907, and where, against orthodox opinion, he urged the importance of concentra tion of fire and the obstacle it offered to an attacker. Made a gen eral of brigade in 191o, Fayolle, on the outbreak of the World War. was given command of the loth reserve division, which, with the 77th, formed under Gen. Petain the III. army Corps and played a brilliant part in the offensive of May 1915. In June 1915 Fayolle was given command of the XXXIII. Corps, which he directed dur ing the attack at Souchez and Vimy of Sept. ; in Feb. 1916 he was given the VI. Army which took part in the battle of the Somme; and in May 1917 succeeded Petain at the head of the Centre Group of armies (holding the Champagne and Verdun fronts) . After a few weeks in Italy he was recalled in Feb. 1918 in expectation of the German offensive, and in March took com mand of all the forces engaged between Peronne and Barisis the Reserve Army Group—and definitely checked by March 31 the German attempt to break through ; he also carried out the two great offensives of July 18 and Aug. 8, 1918, and after the armistice was entrusted with the occupation of the Rhine prov inces. Gen. Fayolle became a marshal of France on Feb. 21, 192 z. He died on Aug. 27, 1928.

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