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dorsal, head and teeth

POMACENTRIDAL Mictospathstion Wrestles (Prey). Plate 4, lg. 1.

Head 2.7; 3.4 in total length. Depth 1.7; 2.5 in total. Eye 2.5; snout 3. Dorsal XII, 15; anal II, 13. Scales 3-25+6-10. Mouth small; max illary reaching to nostril. Upper teeth small, movable; lower teeth twice as large and more or less fixed.

Color in life uniform deep marine-blue with about 35 pure-white silvery spots, each the size of a scale, covering the entire body. More numerous on dorsal fin and dorsal part of head and body. When seen in the sunlight these spots reflect light and appear like so many points of fire.

Many specimens of this beautiful fish were seen swimming among the corals of the western end of Rajos de la Parda; they varied in length from about 2 to 4 inches. The color was the same in all. Only one specimen was obtained, 2.12 inches long, from which the above description was taken.

No. 3099, Zoological Museum, Princeton University.

MIcrospatbodon chrysolite (Curler and Valenciennes).

Several specimens observed on the coral reefs off Guanica Harbor, but none were obtained.

Micreepathoden fowled sp. nov. Plate 4, flg. 2.

Head 3.2; depth 1.87. Dorsal XII, 15. Anal II, 13. Scales 3-29+7-10, 21 pores. Eye 3.9. Body compressed, but rounded; profile from snout to dorsal evenly rounded; slight indication of fleshy crest at nape in 1 individ ual, not indicated in 4 individuals. No fleshy corrugations on anterior pro file in 4 individuals, indicated in 1 individual. Nostril small. A pigmented, fleshy, tongue-like flap in roof of mouth. Upper teeth small, movable, in semicircular series; teeth of lower jaw large and fixed, in a series rounded in front and concave on sides. Length of caudal peduncle about 2.5 in head, its depth 2.2 in head. Dorsal elevated and ending in a pointed tip behind. Color uniform deep-black to uniform bluish-black, with indication of yellowish tinge under scales; fins uniform black.

Type, No. 3060, Zoological Museum, Princeton University. Length, 19 =I. Five individuals, 13 to 19 cm. long, from coral reef off Guanica Harbor. Named for Henry W. Fowler, in recognition of his contributions to ichthy ology.