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The Silver Wattle a


A. dealbata The silver wattle of nursery catalogues is named for its abundant, silvery-pubescent, feathery foliage. Its flow ers—fluffy golden balls, small but abundant—make this a wonderfully showy tree.

Sea-green and turquoise-blue leaves, with abundant canary-yellow bloom, are traits of many different acacias in cultivation, all of which are rapid growers, and soon re pay the planter who wants quick results. From being mere ornaments they rise to the stature of shade trees, and merely multiply the charms that made them admired when young. Varieties with sharp spines are employed as

hedge plants. Curious leaf forms and unusual, edgewise position of the foliage, make us wonder at some of the glorious "golden wattles" and "knife-leaved acacias," that bring us glimpses of the forests of Australia and other strange far countries.