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Tideland Spruce P


P. Sitchensis, Carr.

The tideland spruce is the most important lumber tree in Alaska. It inhabits the coast region from Cape Mendo cino, in California, northward; and is abundant on wet, sandy and swampy soil. The conspicuous traits of this tree are its strongly buttressed trunk, one hundred to two hundred feet tall, often greatly swollen at the base; the graceful sweep of its wide low-spreading lower limbs; and the constant play of light and shadows in the tree-top, due to the lustrous sheen on the bright foliage. It is a mag

nificent tree, one of the largest and most beautiful of the Western conifers, indomitable in that it climbs from the sea-level to altitudes three thousand feet above, and fol lows the coast farther north than any other conifer.