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Maintenance Brick Pavements

wear, pavement and time

MAINTENANCE BRICK PAVEMENTS. The maintenance of a brick pavement consists in watch ing it, especially during the first year or two, to see that no de pressions occur due to insufficient foundation or to the use of defective brick. Any low place due either to the settling of the foundation or to the wear of a soft brick, is rapidly increased both in depth and in area by the impact of the wheels in dropping into the hole. When any unevenness of surface from either of these causes appears, it should be at once rectified before the pavement wears unevenly.

Brick pavements that have been constructed of good ma terial and have been kept in good surface during their early use, wear down uniformly and keep smooth with practically no expense for repairs. A striking example of this is seen in Terre Haute, hid., a city having a population in 1900 of 36,673, where a brick pave ment having a concrete base and cement-filled joints, on the prin cipal business street, after eleven years of wear without any re pairs, is nearly as smooth as a marble mosaic. The top faces of

the brick are flat, and the joints are level full of cement grout. Scarcely a single chipped or broken brick can be found; and the general wear in the middle third of the street has been only about to of an inch of depth, with a very few holes I,- inch deep caused by soft brick. Other pavements of several other lots of brick that have been in service a shorter time are proportionally as durable. The brick are probably not as good as those made at the present time; but the pavement, particularly for that time, was unusually well constructed. It was provided with an adequate foundation, the brick were well burned, and were carefully and thoroughly rolled, and the joints were entirely filled with good Portland-cement grout, and consequently this pavement has worn exceedingly well. Of course other pavements constructed with as good material and with the same care would wear equally well.