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Pavement Economics Benefits of Pavements

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PAVEMENT ECONOMICS BENEFITS OF PAVEMENTS. The effect of pavements upon city life is so important and so far reaching that no enumeration is likely to include all of the benefits; but nevertheless it will be of advantage, particularly in discussing the proper distribution of their cost, to enumerate some of the more important of the benefits resulting from the construction of pavements. Briefly the principal advantages are: 1. Good pavements lessen the tractive power, and decrease the cost of transportation. See 4-8 for a discussion of the cost of transportation.

2. They increase fire protection by facilitating the transporta tion of the fire engine.

3. They establish a permanent grade, which is an important matter when other improvements are to be made.

4. Pavements add to the appearance of the street by giving a uniform surface instead of the irregular one of an unpaved street.

5. They increase cleanliness, since the pavement is less dusty in a dry time and less muddy in a wet time than an unpaved street.

6. They increase healthfulness by removing holes filled with mud and filth.

7. Pavements permit pleasure driving at all seasons, and facili tate social intercourse.

8. Pavements allow the use of bicycles, which furnish cheap transportation and healthful recreation to many.

In discussions of this subject it is customary to include the enhanced value of the property as one of the advantages of a pave ment; but the increase in the value of the property is simply a 295 measure of the benefits enumerated above, and hence should not be again included.* The first three benefits above may be regarded as financial advantages and the last four as sanitary and esthetic. It is im possible to compute even approximately the financial, much less the sanitary and esthetic value of good pavements; but it is safe to say that they are an absolute necessity to both the business and resident districts of the larger cities and also for business districts of the smaller cities, and that on residence streets of small cities good pavements add greatly to the health, comfort and pleasure of life.