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Artificial Stones

brick, clay and quality


Brick is an artificial stone made by submitting clay, which has been suitably prepared and moulded into shape, to a temperature of sufficient intensity to convert it into a semi-vitrified state. The quality of the brick depends upon the kind of clay used and upon the care bestowed on its preparation.

The clays of which brick is made are chemical compounds con sisting of silicates of alumina, either alone or combined with other substances, such as iron, lime, soda, potash, magnesia, etc., all of which influence the character and quality of the brick, according as one or the other of those substances predominates.

Iron gives hardness and strength; hence the red brick of the Eastern States is often of better quality than the white and yellow brick made in the West. Silicate of lime renders the clay too fusible and causes the bricks to soften and to become distorted in the pro cess of burning. Carbonate of lime is at high temperatures changed into caustic lime, renders the clay fusible, and when exposed to the action of the weather absorbs moisture, promotes disintegration, and prevents the adherence of the mortar. Magnesia exerts but little

influence on the quality; in small quantities it renders the clay fusible; at F. its crystals lose their water of crystallization, and cold water decompOses them, forming an insoluble hydrate in the form of a white powder. In air-dried brick this action causes cracking. The alkalies are found in small quantities in the best of clays; their presence tends to promote softening, and this goes on the more rapidly if it has been burned at too low a temperature. Sand mixed with the clay in moderate quantity (one part of sand to four of clay is about the best proportion) is beneficial, as tending to prevent excessive shrinking in the fire. Excess of sand destroys the cohesion and renders the brick brittle and weak.