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Definition of Terms Used in Stone Cutting

dressed, wrought and hammer


Axed : Dressed to a plane surface with an axe.

Boasted or Chiselled : Having face wrought with a chisel or narrow tool.

Broached : Dressed with a "punch" after being droved. Bush Hammered : Dressed with a bush hammer.

Crandalled : Wrought to a plane with a crandall.

Deadening : The crushing or crumbling of a soft stone under the tools while being dressed.

Dressed Work : That which is wrought on the face; also applied to stones having the joints wrought to a plane surface, hut not "squared." Drafted : Having a narrow chisel draft cut around the face or margin.

Droved, Stroked : Wrought with a broad chisel or hammer in parallel flutings across the stone from end to end.

Hammer Dressed : Worked with the hammer.

Herring Bone : Dressed in angular flutings.

Nigged or Nidged : Picked with a pointed hammer or cavil to the desired form.

Patent Hammered : Dressed with a patent hammer. Picked : Reduced to an approximate plane with a pick.

Pitched : Dressed to the neat lines or edges with a pitching chisel.

Plain : Rubbed smooth to remove tool marks.

Pointed : Dressed with a point or very narrow toil Polished : Rubbed down to a reflecting surface.

Prison : Having surfaces wrought into holes.

Random Tooled or Droved: Cut with a broad tool into irregular flutings.

Rock Faced, Quarry Faced, Rough: Left as it comes from the quarry. It may be drafted or pitched to reduce projecting points on the face to give limits.

Rubbed : See Plain.

Rustic, Rusticated : Having the faces of stones projecting beyond the arrises, which are bevelled or drafted. The face may be dressed in any desired manner.

Scabble: To dress off the angular projections of stones for rubble masonry with a stone axe or hammer.

Smooth: See Plain.

Square Droved: Having the flutings perpendicular to the lower edge of the stone.

Striped ; Wrought into parallel grooves with a point or punch. Stroked: See Droved.

Tooled : Wrought to a plane with an inch tool. See Droved. Toothed : Dressed with a tooth chisel.

Vermiculated Worm Work : Wrought into veins by cutting away portions of the face.