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Earls of John Middleton Middleton

charles and held

MIDDLETON, EARLS OF. JOHN MIDDLETON, IST EARL OF MIDDLETON (c. 1619-1674), belonged to a Kincardineshire family which had held lands at Middleton since the 12th century. In early life he served as a soldier in France; later he fought against Charles I., being especially prominent at the battle of Philiphaugh. He held a high command in the Scottish army. In 1656 the king made him an earl, four years later commander-in chief of the troops in Scotland and lord high commissioner to the Scottish parliament. Owing to serious dissensions with the earl of Lauderdale he was deprived of his offices in 1663. He was afterwards (1667) governor of Tangier, where he died in June His eldest son CHARLES, 2ND EARL OF MIDDLETON (C. 164o 1719), held several offices under Charles II. and James II., being envoy extraordinary at Vienna, joint secretary for Scotland, and from 1684 English secretary of state. In 1693 he joined the exiled

king at St. Germain, where he became his secretary of state.

See A. C. Biscoe, The Earls of Middleton (1876).

One of Middleton's kinsmen was SIR CHARLES MIDDLETON, Bart. (1726-1813), comptroller of the navy from 1778 to 1790. In 1805, at a most critical time, although 8o years old, he was appointed first lord of the admiralty by Pitt and was created Lord Barham. It was his experience, industry and energy which made possible the great campaign which ended at Trafalgar. He resigned office in Jan. 1806 and died on Jan. 17,1813. His barony passed through his daughter Diana (1762-1823) to the Noels, earls of Gainsborough, by whom it is still held.

See The Barham Papers, Sir J. K. Laughton, ed. (3 vols., 1907-11) and J. S. Corbett, The Campaign of Trafalgar (Iwo).