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Poste Restante

delivery, words and furnish

POSTE RESTANTE, a facility, generally provided at post offices, for the receipt and care of postal packets addressed to be called for. There are usually strict regulations to prevent abuse or fraud. In the United Kingdom, it is stipulated that the words "to be called for" or "Poste Restante" should appear in the ad dress, and it is notified that the facility is intended solely for the accommodation of strangers and travellers, and that even they may not use it for more than three months. Postal packets ad dressed to initials, or to fictitious names, or to a Christian name without a surname, are not taken in at the Poste Restante. Postal packets may not be re-directed from one Poste Restante to an other in the same town or from a private address to a Poste Restante in the same town. Re-direction from a Poste Restante is not undertaken for more than 54 days, unless a longer period, not exceeding three months, is specified on the form of applica tion. All persons applying at a Poste Restante are required to furnish sufficient particulars to prevent mistakes and to ensure delivery to the proper person. Where a ship is in question the

name of the vessel should always be mentioned.

The words "General Delivery" in the United States are synony mous with the words "Poste Restante." A general delivery win dow is maintained at every post office in the United States and is used for handling mail bearing as a part of its address the endorse ment "Transient," "To be called for," "General Delivery," or other words indicating that it is intended for a transient person, such mail to be delivered upon application and identification.

At those post offices where delivery carrier service is main tained, residents who use the general delivery window are required to furnish in writing their names and addresses and the reasons for desiring to use the general delivery instead of the carrier service. Minors are required to furnish the names of their parents or their guardians whose written consent must accompany the appli cation.