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Ga Imen

gardens and feet

GA IMEN, flanging, a sort of ancient garden, which is said to have been formed in a raised manner, on arches, by Nebnehadnezzar king of Babylon, with the view of gratify ing his wife Arnyetis, who was the daughter of Astyages, king of Media. These gardens are supposed by Quintus Curtiss to have been equal in height to the city. which is 50 feet. They contained on every side a square of 400 feet, and were carried up in several terraces, surmounting each other, to which there were ascents by different flights of stairs or steps that had 10 feet in width. Time arches that sustained the whole of this pile were raised above each other, being strengthened by a wall on every side of above seven yards in thickness, The floors of the several terraces were laid first with large flat stones, of eonsiderable lengths and breadths, over w Idyll was placed a stratum of reed mixed very fully with bitumeu, then two rows of bricks closely cemented tory timer with mortar. and the whole afterwaids covered with

thick sheet-lead, upon which the mould of the garden was deposited, to such a depth as to admit large trees to take root and establish themselves in it. Trees, plants, and flowers of various kinds, were introduced into these gardens. The upper terrace was likewise provided with an aqueduct or engine, by which the water was drawn up from the river, and dispersed over the whole of the gardens when necessary.

Some have condemned these gardens as unnatural, while others have considered them as deserving of a portion of praise ; but whatever merit may have been allowed them, they could certainly never have had anything of the natural or rural character about them.