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Onument of Lysicrates

panels, circular, marble and basement

ONUMENT OF LYSICRATES. The choragic monument of Lysicrates, commonly called the Lantern of Demosthenes, is the most beautiful edifice of antiquity of its size.

This monument, which is exquisitely wrought. stands near the eastern end of the Acropolis. It is composed of three distinct parts. First. a quadrangular basement ; secondly, a circular colonnade, the intereolumniations of which are entire ly closed up; and, thirdly, a audits, or cupola, with a beau tiful ornament upon it.

The quadrangular basement is entirely closed on every side, so as to exclude entrance. On breaking through one of the sides, it was found not to be quite solid ; but the void is so small, and irregular, that a man can hardly stand up right in it.

This basement supports the circular colonnade, which was constructed in the following manner : six equal panels of white marble, placed contiguous to each other, on a circular plan, formed a continued cylindrical wall ; which of course was divided. from top to bottom, into six equal parts, by the junctures of the panels. On the whole length of each junc ture was cut a semicircular groove, in which a Corinthian column was fitted with great exactness, and efreetually con cealed the junctures of the panels. These columns 'injected somewhat more than half their diameters from the surface of the cylindrical wall, and the wall entirely closed up the in tercolumniation. Over this placed the entablature, and

the cupola, in neither of which any aperture was made, so that there was no aelubssiolr to the inside of this monu ment, and it was quite dark. It is, besides, only 5 feet I iJ inches in the clear, and, therefore, was never intended for a habitation, or even a repository of any kind.

An entrance, how ever, has been since forced into it, by breaking through one of the panels; probably in expectation of finding treasures here. For in these countries such bar barism reigns at present, every ancient building Which is beautiful, or great, beyond the conception of the present inhabitants, is always supposed by them to be the work of magic, and the repository of hidden treasaires. At. present three of the marble panels are destroyed ; their places are supplied by it door, and two brick walls, and it is converted into a closet.

It should be observed, that two tripods with handles to them, are wrought in basso-relievo on each of the three panels m hid] still remain. '1 hey are perhaps of the species it hick homer and Ilesiod describe by tire name of rpirrodec d/T616R TEc, or eared tripods, The architrate and frieze of this circular are both formed ot'linly one block of marble. On the architrave is cut the following inscription :