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Philibert De Lorme

air and king

LORME, PHILIBERT DE, an eminent French architect, born at Lyons, in the early part of the sixteenth century. lie went to Italy when he was but fourteen years of age, to study the art for which he seemed to have a natural taste, and there his assiduity attracted the notice of Cardinal Cer vino, afterwards Pope Marcellus II., who took him into palace, and assisted him in his pursuits. roily ed to France in 15:10, and was the means of banishing the taste in kali' gs, and substituting in its place the Grecian. Ile was employed by Henry II.. air whom he plain •d the Horseshoe at Fontainebleau, and the chateaus of Anet and After the demise of that king, he was made inspector of the royal buildings by Catharine do _Medi ; and, under her direction, he repaired and augmented se vi rat of the royal residences, and began the building of the •uil eries. In 1355 he was created counsellor and ahoolier in ordinary to the king; and, as a recompense tO• his ice , lie was presented with two abbacies. These hollow's. it is

said, made him arrogant, which occasioned the poet IZonsard to satirize him in a piece, entitled La Tryelle or "The Croziered Trowel." De Lome took his revenge, and shut the garden of the Tuileries against him; but the queen took part with the poet, and severely reprimanded the reverend architect. De Lorme died in 1577. l le published M.r Litres d' Architecture, and Nouvelles LivoTtions pout Lieu licitir it a petits Frais, Lt Il VT: E, a turret or lantern on the top of roofs. open to the interior of the building, and also to the external air by means of apertures in the sides. They were used for carrying oft' the smoke. m hen the hearth was in the centre of the probably also fir ventilation in general.