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or Urbino 1trbin

st, rome, painter and leo

1TRBIN, or URBINO, a name frequently given to that must sublime and excellent painter, R.teitAEL SANzio, from the place of his birth. He was the son of an indifferent painter, named Sanzio, and was horn on Good Friday, 1482. Ile was employed by the popes Julian 11. and Leo X., who loaded him with wealth and honours ; and the cardinal De St. Bibiana held him in such high estimation that he ofFered him his niece in marriage : but he declined this honour, from an expectation he entertained, founded upon the promise of Leo X., of being made a cardinal himself. His pictures are to he found principally in Italy and Paris. That of the TranViyuration, preserved at Rome, in the church of St. Peter Monterio, is reckoned his master-piece. Ilis person was handsome, and his manners were polite, affable, and modest, though he lived in the utmost splendour. He was not only the best painter in the world, but perhaps the best architect too ; on which account lie was employed by Leo X. in building St. Peter's church at Rome. This engagement prevented his acceptance of an invitation into France from Francis I., for whom he had painted a St. Michael and Me Holy Family, and had been remunerated by that monarch with sums so for beyond his expectation, that he resolved to show his gratitude by a performance, in which he even sur passed himself: this was the Transfiguration above alluded to intended as a present to Francis; but lie died before the picture was quite finished, and it was detained at Rome.

His death happened on his birth-day, 1520, when he had completed his :1Sth year ; the consequence of his passion air the tabu sex, and the injudicious treatment of his physicians. I1 is celebrated Cartoons, fur which Louis XV. offered a hundred thousand pounds, were purchased by Rubens for Charles I. and brought to England, aid have successively graced the palaces of Hampton Court, Buckingham louse, and Windsor Castle. A considerable jealousy existed be tween this artist and Michael Angelo, which sometimes manifested itself in a manner not very creditable to either. Raphael frequently exercised himself in sculpture, and ex celled as Much in it as in painting and architecture. A Jonas, of the size of life, which is decined his in this line, is shown in the chapel of Madonna del Popolo, at Rome, the cupola of which he also painted.

UR131N is also a name sometimes given to Bramante, from his having been born in the province of Urbino. See BRA