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Electric Wiring

knowledge, electricity and light

ELECTRIC WIRING There is no application of electricity in the arts and industries that has received more at tention and made greater advancements in the last quarter of a century, than that made in the field of Electric Lighting. Twenty to thirty years ago, there were no such things as electric lights except those shown in laboratory or lec ture-room experiments. The candle, oil lamp, and gas were the only means of artificial illumi nation, and people were satisfied with the mod erate amount of light obtained from these sources.

With the marked improvement in the elec tric lamp, and the decrease in cost of electrical energy, we find countless thousands of electric lights in use at the present time for all purposes of illumination. Indeed, so important a factor has the electric current become in the domestic, business, and industrial life of our times, that a knowledge of its fundamental principles and the approved methods of its application to various uses is to-day a necessity to everyone who is engaged in or interested in building construction of any sort.

Even in locations where electricity is not yet available, it is becoming the universal practice 295 in the erection of buildings of all sorts, to pro vide for the future by wiring them for elec tricity. And if for no other object than to be able to direct the work of wiring intelligently, or to make the repairs which will occasionally be necessary, or to install minor conveniences such as bells, annunciators, burglar alarms, etc., which may be placed in any house whether fully wired or not, a knowledge of the principles of electric wiring and of the materials and fixtures used will serve a very useful purpose. In the following pages will be found all the essentials required by those who wish to wire their homes for electric light, or who expect to have the same done by an electrical contractor.