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Accessory Measures Anal Procedures - Obesity

influence and fat


Other measures in the treatment of obesity, such as removal of tight and laced articles of dress, cold ablutions, frictions, sponging of the breast and abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks, and hot foot-, arm-, or head-baths—in short partial applications of cold and heat (Schweniuger) are only to be considered as of some sanitary and hygienic value, but not as having the slightest influence upon fat reduction.

The decomposition of fat accomplished by regulating the warmth of the body (Rubner) as by the cold-water bath or steam and hot-air bath, is very slight and of no essential value.

Self-applied massage, as in pressing, kneading, pinching of the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, etc., has been recommended, but such mechanical treatment can have no effect whatsoever upon the circulation as is claimed, nor will it produce the slightest decom position of fat. At best a partial dilatation and contraction of the

blood-vessels is brought about by the mechanical irritation; this, however, produces no marked influence upon the general circulation nor upon the process of fat-reduction. The muscular work which is performed by the patient while he kneads, pinches, and rubs himself can alone be of any benefit in securing reduction, and this again can only be estimated as of minimal importance.

Attempts to explain the changes by employing the phrase "stiğirt lation of metabolism" (an expression which was coined to explain and elucidate everything and which is supposed to mean stimulation of local and general circulation) are entirely without foundation, since these procedures influence everything else except the processes in question.